What We Do

Personal Coaching
With mobile marketing the possibilities for creative campaigns to engage your target audience in a meaningful way are endless! However, there can be a lot of planning, research and development work required to ensure a successful campaign. Our personal coaching programs provide you with a partner who has an in-depth understanding of the mobile industry landscape and how to leverage existing opportunities to grow your business.

We know mobile from every angle, and by working with us on a one-on-one basis you will be able to leverage our technological insight, professional relationships and campaign management experience as strategic parts of your business’ growth strategy.

Mobile Connection Sessions
Now more than ever, growth is driven by innovation. Entrepreneurs must understand emerging platforms such as mobile, social media, broadband video and games for the opportunities for innovation and quantifiable return-on-investment they present. MIMB’s Mobile Connection Sessions help business owners and executives explore these opportunities in unique two-day intensive peer idea exchange, content sessions, networking meals, and receptions. Some topics that are covered during the Mobile Connection Sessions are:
• Mobile marketing strategy and integration: on deck, off deck, iPhone, etc.
• Analyzing and buying mobile media inventory
• Executing effective mobile marketing creative and status of standards
• How to track/measure mobile campaigns

Mobile Connection Sessions are invitation-only events and space is limited so make sure you request your invitation today.

Mobile marketing is the most personal and interactive marketing available to date. It allows you to reach people when they are actually out living their lives and making purchases. It can drive traffic into stores, and remind people of your call to action when they are actually in a position to take it. A solid mobile marketing strategy can help your business create personal, one-on-one relationships with your clients, to build trust and encourage repeat business.

MIMB Consultants can help you design your mobile marketing game plan. Let us help you with your mobile marketing strategy, and master the medium before your competitors.

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